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Work, smarter

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Create better market surveys

Give clients the information they need — from maps to technical details — all in one place. Deliver surveys fast so they can decide which properties to tour, discard, or discuss with a click.

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Simplify communication

Cadby organizes client communication for every deal and property. And when the client team grows, new stakeholders get easy access to historic conversations and property feedback.

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Get more done

Manage and track all of the activity on your deals in one place. Get faster feedback from clients, notify landlords automatically, schedule tours in a couple of clicks, and close deals quicker.

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Go beyond a CRM

We tried CRMs. When they didn’t improve our clients’ experience, we built Cadby instead. Cadby builds on familiar features through new tools designed with your clients in mind — all integrated into your daily workflow.

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Build market intelligence

Leave spreadsheets behind. Cadby captures everything your team does — automatically. Leverage past deals for insight into current transactions.

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All your projects, all in one place

Organize and manage every property, deal, and lease for every client.

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Track every lead

Manage every inbound lead in an interface designed to help you maximize each connection.

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Create faster market surveys

Build collaborative market surveys, right when you need them.

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Automate property marketing

Create and populate property marketing websites in just a few clicks.

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Manage leases with precision

Keep track of every lease and never miss a critical date. When the time comes, follow up with contacts right from Cadby.

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Empowered clients. Better decisions.

A better client experience, built in. 

Stay on the same page (literally)

Track every property and all of your feedback — all in one place.

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Say yes, no, or maybe with one click

When you know, you know. Review properties, give feedback, and schedule your next move in just a few seconds.

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Never miss a detail

Stay informed with comprehensive monthly updates and one-click information summaries, whether you are a buyer, seller, landlord, or tenant.

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Close your inbox

Stop losing email threads. Cadby brings every important detail into one easy-to-navigate workspace.

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A team of coworkers sitting around a conference tableHistoric photo of the first business computer at Cadby Hall in London

Built and relied on by commercial real estate brokers 

In 1951, something major happened at Cadby Hall in London. The world’s first business computer started to calculate real-time costs for a chain of tea shops — automating an inefficient process and creating a brand new advantage. We designed Cadby to create our own advantage. We’ve worked in brokerage, portfolio administration, strategy, and analytics. And we spent years with the same frustrations as our friends and partners throughout the real estate industry. We use Cadby every day because it delivers results for our team and a better experience for our clients.

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  • “We have used Cadby consistently for several years and more than a thousand deals. It has transformed how we work. We’ve improved our communication, grown our business, and become more efficient in daily operations. The platform is intuitive and easy to adopt with minimal setup and training. And our clients appreciate how it streamlines the property review and deal management process, enabling easy communication and feedback throughout. We can’t imagine going back to our old way of doing business with spreadsheets, emails, and PDFs.”

    Sagemont Real Estate
  • “I have really enjoyed the Cadby process and interface. I’ve found that it makes the search much easier. I really like the option to schedule tours and how interactive the map is. I would highly recommend this system to anyone searching. It has helped me quickly narrow down a large number of options into a smaller set of properties I am interested in.”

    Ann Williams
    Yearly Co

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